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ClearChoice Express provides our passengers with the very best in Ambulatory, Wheelchair, and Stretcher service. Whatever your personal need may be, contact us to set up your transportation today! We are always able to book future appointments, and in most cases, we can accommodate same-day service as well. 




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Ambulatory Transports
Many of our passengers can walk (or ambulate) on their own; some need a little assistance either by a walker, a cane or by a compassionate driver. As with all our passengers, our experienced and trained drivers make sure oversight and caring support is given to safely get passengers from point A to point B.  
Wheelchair Transports
Whether in a rehab or nursing facility or from their own home, the majority of those who depend on ClearChoice Express do so in a wheelchair. We provide transport for all types of appointments - doctor, rehab, dialysis, chemo, x-ray, physical therapy, even outings to family gatherings.
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Stretcher Transports
Our non-emergency stretcher service can save families and facilities hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of an ambulance ride. As insurance rarely pays, unless such trips are medically necessary, this is a SIGNIFICANT savings for those who need such services. 
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